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December 5, 2008

Semester 1 is over!

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now that sem is over, and i just gotten a new iphone, i will be posting some interesting stuff on the iphone pretty soon.


some interesting facts:

  • switcheasy colors for iphone 3g costs only $21 in challenger. go grab it!
  • use this website to convert your favourite songs into ringtones for ur iphone. AudiKO
  • Use this website to configure ur iphone for wireless surfing in NUS. the safe way.
  • dun bother entering your contacts or email accounts into your phone. just sync and everything will be in.
  • Check this site out to see what hot and what’s not in the appstore. Rankings available for both free and paid apps. Appshopper
  • programs able to convert your favourite videos for watcing on your iphone/ or ipod touch
  1. FFmpegx ( unable to rip, but converting speed is the fastest)
  2. Handbrake (most versatile software. speed is its downside)
  3. isquint (techspansion has been discontinued, but check the link out to download it from
  • when looking for cases for iphone, its good to check if these are included:
  1. screen protector.
  2. port connectors ( pieces of rubber/silicon/plastic that covers ur earphone and dock port)
  3. check if the buttons are covered. if they are, are they still easy to press?
  4. the feel of the phone. does it attract lots of lint? friction is right?

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