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October 28, 2008

get crossover mac for free

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due to some interesting events, codeweaver is now offering their software for free, great for students who want to use office for windows on their mac without virtualising or boot camping. get it here

October 27, 2008

Recording lectures in school

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yo i am not sure if any of you guys actually record lectures down, but if u do, chances are u need this program. its a basic audio recorder and can record from the mac’s built in mic or via line in. its extremely stable and even in the event of the app crashing ( which never happens to me before after 6 months of regular usage), the file can be easily recovered: heres the link:

Audio Recorder 3.2

Changing the finder icon

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1) get ur image ready, preferably for interfacelift, they offer great finder replacements

2) head to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and replace the icon with the new one.


head to finder, type: ” dock ” and den at the bottom of the search field, click on the plus icon,  2 boxes kind and any should appear. search for systems files and include. 

u should see this file known as

3) delete this file, though to be safe keep it elsewhere, and relaunch ur dock by logging off and on again.



4) a new icon! hope it helps.

problems with Time machine

did a backup just now on TM, and realised there is a error in it. no ideas why, but i deleted a huge file which i find unnecessary and is the reason why the update of TM is 8gb more. wierdly, the time machine becomes successful and if anyone noes the reason why please comment!

aniwaea for u guys who are searching for alternatives please check out these programs!

carboncopycloner : 

i recommend this if u are backing up your time machine drive


have not explored much of this, but have read raving reviews bout it.

personal backup4

no idea wad this does, please comment!


next tip, will be checking out some word processors for mac. useful for school goers.

October 24, 2008

TM backups, Macdrive

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encountered this problem recently. accidentally unplug my time machine disk without clicking eject, as a result my hard disk got corrupted. leopard is unable to detect my disk and i had to use windows to detect it, download macdrive trial, and format it from there. thinking everything is now fine, i used time machine to do a full 80gb backup, which failed for goodness noes wad reason. so i excluded folder by folder, and soon realise the music folder is the culprit. a full backup can be done by excluding tat folder. so i backup my music to my ipod , delete the entire folder, and did a full backup without excluding any thing. it worked! and i simply used Senuti to restore the music back to my macbook and time machine is now able to back tat up already.

Posting tips on macintosh OS leopard

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yo, created this blog for myself and u mac users out there. have been reading daily mac tips such as /  tips4mac. its great, but somehow, i really wanted one tat is applicable to me.. as in my 4 year journey in NUS. so i will be posting my own tips here, for myself just in case i forget next time ( and hence able to return here to read them,), or for u guys out there who just need help.


many mac users here in nus got their macs during the orientation week, so they wouldnt have much time to explore tat neat laptop they use for stuff like ivle and so on. so do drop by regularly and i confirm u wun regret it..

now for starters, ALL mac users in nus do refer to this website: zitsengsuperwall. it features VERY useful stuff like logging on to NUS network instead of the insecure NUSOPEN one, setting up apple mail for microsoft exchange, and creating a network drive.

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