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November 12, 2008

A remote clicker for presentations on ur macbook

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now, in NUS we will all have presentations at some point. dun u ever wish u had a clicker to navigate through ur pdfs, docs or powerpoint presentations? one great way is to use a wireless or bluetooth mouse. However, for those not wanting to look awkard with a mouse on your hand, do give the apple remote a try. its comes with 2007macbook/pros and before, but not the 2008 ones , so u guys may wanna check out the apple store for them. It costs 34bucks, and its well worth the money are u are a couch potato or do give frequent presentations.


by default, the clicker is used for navigating around front row , changing tracks on itunes, and changing universal volume. navigating through the slides of powerpoint works too, but thats all u get. By purchasing the software listed below, you can actually get the remote to do a lot more stuff, like using it as a virtual mouse, navigating through any application and more. do give them a try:



do check out this site also for more interesting uses of the remote, cheers!

Beyond the Front Row with the Apple Remote

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